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"An APP/WEBSITE that can work 24/7 to GROW your BUSINESS"

Darshan Thakral

Hi, my name is Darshan. And I am a freelance Android Developer who is enthusiastic about technology and passionate about coding. I am the person who can help to build your dream scalable business.

According to statistical data, the world today has 3.8 billion active Android users which means 48.33% of the world's population owns android smartphones.

I can help you to put your business on the fingers of your potential customers through a powerful, easy, scalable, and impactful android app that can take its place in PlayStore to reach millions of users.

I will give my 100% and make sure that with this small but important tool, we can grow your business faster. So let's connect and discuss your ideas and vision together to make people's lives easy and valuable.


My Professional Skills

I always love to collaborate with the kind of people, who try to add value to the society with their goals and vision. That's why I always make sure that with the help of my skills and services, I can become a part of that vision, you have towards society and people to make their life,s easier and better. So I am more than happy to take your project and to work with you on this mission of yours. Let us start by having small talk with each other :D

Android Development 99%
Web Development 99%
Computer Hardware Consultant 96%
Video Production 90%

Android Development

Android app is a handy tool in your phone to make your life easier. While working on the android project this is the mindset that I keep in mind throughout the development journey.

Web Development

To create your presence in this Internet world which will make people get to know more about you and your vision and to get realtime benefits from it.

Video Production

To live your memories and those happy and some less happy moments of your life again in motion with proper structure and rhythm that makes you remember them again.

Computer Hardware Consultant

Get the best suggestions for your upcoming machine which will be best suited for your work and future vision and to live that journey with you for you.

Fast Support

With better products, better support is also equally important. and I always believe that excellent support is key to achieve the trust of the client. I think providing excellent after-sales service is the best way to grow.

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Sharing knowledge about tech, mainly in the part of programming and software development and some life and self-help stuff that I learn in this journey of growth.

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Nagpur, Maharastra, India

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